About the Company
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About the Company

Learn about our history and work

About Our Company

Unoolo has a team of experienced, expert and hardworking consultants and professionals. We provide the resettlement solutions based on the requirements of the clients in terms of better future and their growth. Our Services Includes Skill Immigration, Business and Investors Immigration, Overseas Studies, Work Permits and Visit Visas. We provide end-to-end services from determining the country of your choice, submitting your application, complying with the requirements, understanding migration laws in specific country or region and also provide the Post Landing Services once you will arrive your destination.

As a professional firm, we take pride in working together with our customers as a team, taking pro-active steps to ensure that all needs are met. We believe that regular communication with the clients involved is one of the most important aspects of our working method. This approach does help to strengthen the bonds of a customer relationship which can bring lasting growth. We works diligently to ensure that the Customer, are well informed with the status of his case.

This combination of specialized knowledge, expertise and comprehensive support facilities, enables our firm to maintain its high success rate in the processing of all immigration cases. It is essential to know not only that it delivers high quality service, but also maintains a standard of ethics and values.


Highlights of the firm

  • Competitive & Reasonable professional fees
  • Fully equipped back office in Poland, Germany & Itlay. This will provide our clients with additional services at a low cost with quick turnaround times
  • Expertise in immigration, study and business consultancy
  • Knowledgeable Staff
  • A Comprehensive website, with all up to date information and online payment module
  • Immediate response to client needs
  • Speed of processing due to efficient staff
  • Easy Payment facilities
  • Very high rate of success in all application filed
  • Going the extra mile to satisfy the clients
  • Back-up system in place for all documentation
  • Client’s confidentiality and interest is protected at any cost.