Business / Investment
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Business / Investment

Manitoba Business Program (Canada)


Manitoba invites you to explore the business-friendly atmosphere and abundant opportunities that await you in the province. The Province of Manitoba and Government of Canada share responsibilities regarding business people immigrating to Canada through the Provincial Nominee Program for Business.

The Provincial Nominee Program for Business allows Manitoba to recruit and nominate qualified business people from around the world who have the intent and ability to move to Manitoba and establish, purchase a business or become partners in an existing business.

The Provincial Nominee Program for Business accelerates the immigration process by providing a Nomination Certificate to you which allows for faster processing by the Government of Canada of your immigration application. The Province of Manitoba is committed to help you and your family settle successfully, identify business opportunities and establish your business or farm in the province.

Quebec Investor Program Quebec-Canada)(

The Quebec government selects business people, entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals wishing to become Canadian permanent residents and settle in the province.

The Quebec government continues to promote the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program.

The three primary conditions to be eligible under the program are:

• Demonstrate a personal net worth of at least $1.6 million legally acquired through conducting business or holding a high-level management position in a private company, government or NGO.
• Particulars:
a) Having owned and operated a business for two years in the previous five years, OR.
b) Having held a high level management position for two years in the previous five years in a private company, government or NGO.
• Invest $800,000 in a passive government guaranteed investment for a period of five years and receive no interest. Applicants may finance their investment and liquidate only $180,000 to $220,000 into a government approved financing program for five years and receive no return of capital.

Every year, the government places numerical and territorial quotas on applications.

Tier-1 (UK)

Investors and entrepreneurs are applying in their thousands to come to the UK and join a thriving, competitive business atmosphere. New opportunities are being created every day, and an exciting range of companies and individuals are bringing their companies, ideas and investments to compete in our world-leading market.

A Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa enables you to run one or more businesses as a limited company, or work as a self-employed person in the UK. You can also study part-time.

You and your dependents can spend up to 180 days outside the UK in every 12-month period, without affecting your visa status or future permanent residency. Your dependents may also take paid employment without restrictions.

About Future in UK
• Permanent residency after five years once you have your Entrepreneur Visa.
• Possible fast track option of residency after three years if your business qualifies under immigration rules.
• British Citizenship for all holder and dependents after six years if permanent residency is achieved.
• Time spent in the UK on your Entrepreneur Visa can be combined with other visa categories to create ten year-long residency rights.

Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa applications are assessed using a points system; applicants must score a full 95 points to be granted a visa.

Tier 1 Entrepreneur applicants must have funds available to support themselves during their stay; the amount of maintenance funds required depends whether the applicant is making an initial visa application, or applying for an extensions.

USA-Business Immigration


America is world-renowned for its entrepreneurial business spirit, and this spirit is fueled in large part by immigrants. In economic census, immigrants are more likely to be self-employed than the native-born population. While some of these immigrant entrepreneurs were highly educated, many were not. In fact, the only characteristic they share is the courage to leave their home countries and the drive and determination to start a new life in the United States.


The USA offers the “EB-5 Investor Visa“, which gives permanent U.S. residency to those investing into government-approved projects across the United States of America. This immigration style visa can be beneficial as it grants access to the U.S. education system, the right to live, retire, work and study in the USA, the ability to receive investment back upon the completion of the project and residency for the investor, any children and their spouse.

EB-5 visas for participants who invest in commercial enterprises associated with regional centers approved by USCIS based on proposals for promoting economic growth. In particular the investment must be shown to create 10 full time US jobs for two years. Many of the EB5 projects are real estate related.


You may be eligible for an L-1 visa for “intra-company transferee’s” if you are an executive, manager, or a worker with specialized knowledge who has worked abroad for a qualifying organization (including an affiliate, parent, subsidiary or branch of your foreign employer) for at least one year within, the 3 years preceding the filing of your L-1 petition.

The organization must seek to transfer you to the United States to work in one of the capacities listed above.

Initial period of stay in the United States: Up to 3 years (1 year for new office petitions). Extensions possible in up to 2 year increments.

Maximum period of stay: 7 years for managers and executives; 5 years for specialized knowledge workers.


You may be eligible for an E-2 visa if you invest a substantial amount of money in a new or existing U.S. business. You must be from a country that has a treaty of commerce and navigation with the United States or a country designated by Congress as eligible for participation in the E-2 non-immigrant visa program. Initial period of stay in the United States: Up to 2 years. May extend or renew the period of stay in 2 year increments.

Saint Kitts Business Investment

The small twin island nation of St. Kitts and Nevis has emerged as the one of the top vacation destinations in the past decade.

Peppered with premium golf resorts, luxurious villas, condominiums, and vacation houses, the country is well equipped to host the hundreds of thousands of visitors the islands receive every year due to its exquisite beaches, blue skies, warm climate, and upscale shopping boutiques.

On account of all the attractions St. Kitts and Nevis has to offer, it is truly no surprise that along with the millions of tourists who come the country, foreign investors are also relocating to St. Kitts and Nevis by the thousands as sophisticated investors are eager to take advantage of the nation’s business-friendly atmosphere and laws.

The small island has become a large player in international investment as the country has poised itself to attract foreign investors by the thousands by offering the world’s oldest and most well established citizenship by investment program. Under the program, foreign investors infuse capital into the country and the country in turn grants citizenship and a passport to the investor and family.

Dominica Business Program


Dominica is a 751 island nation in the eastern Caribbean. The economy is primarily agriculture based and Roseau is the capital city. Dominica has an “Economic citizenship by investment” program which allows granting citizenship to those who make a contribution to the development of the country. Still Dominica is the only country where you can get a second citizenship, is more affordable and cheaper compared to other economic citizenship programs offered by other countries in Europe or Caribbean.

Dominica directly offers full life citizenship to investors without any prior residency requirement. With Dominica passport, you can travel visa free to over 80 countries including the UK and common wealth country. For Schengen states or travel in US, usually visa is needed.

There are no capital gains, inheritance, gift or wealth taxes in Dominica. Unless you live in Dominica, there are no income taxes on your worldwide earnings.

Business Immigration Europe


o Poland o Hungary o Latvia o Portugal o Cyprus

Composed of 26 member states, the European Union is a political and economic entity that is comprised of several of the most influential and powerful countries in Europe such as Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Poland, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Greece, Portugal, Netherlands, Hungary, Sweden and Denmark.

One of the greatest benefits of the EU is that holders of EU country passports are eligible to travel, work, and reside freely within all of the other states. This open door policy allows for many business-related opportunities for foreign nationals who are able to obtain citizenship in one of the EU nations.

Because foreign nationals are so interested in obtaining EU citizenship, and because foreign investments have so much to offer the EU and its member states, several countries have recently created investment-based immigration visas for businesspersons and investors to utilize in order to relocate to the EU.